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RetroElectro Designs

Creativity & Imagination to bring new purpose and life to vintage items

Restoring, repairing, Maintaining Classic Electronic Pinball Machines

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RetroElectro Designs

Upcycling, repurposing, creating beautiful & functional LED lighting artworks from vintage household appliances and industrial equipment. 

Restoring & collecting & playing Classic 1980's onwards Pinball Machines.

The 20th Century is a vast and rich source of everyday items that were well built, indeed built to last and, often stylish and contemporary at their time of manufacture and sale.  Art Deco, is just the tip of the iceberg, there are rich veins of design heritage throughout all of the decades of the 20th Century, and it is into this heritage we look to find base pieces for our modern "Retro", "Electro" creations. Inspired by an items original use, we are bringing these back to life, each with a new purpose. Each creation provides an ever changing display of multi-coloured LED lighting patterns, that you can customise to your liking. Each is a unique, one-off, Individually Numbered, Limited Edition.  Never to be repeated.   Demand is high for our creations, and our waiting list for commissions as well as certain stock pieces is lengthy, so please browse our galleries for inspiration and our shop for current availability.

Home: Welcome


Redefining lighting, giving vintage items new life and purpose

New ways of showing the Time

Unique Clocks

From plug-in Led clock displays, to traditional circular clock faces with a colourful twist, to flip-digit 'clicking', moving segment displays; we have exciting ways of keeping time for you.


Our unique LED display patterns

a lamp like no lamp before... vintage Wi-fi LED fusion

Multi-coloured LED displays are quite common, but we found that the standard ones you buy off the shelf were very limited in the displays and colour combinations they offer. So, we decided to create much better LED display patterns and have gathered together some of the most exciting and visually stimulation, aesthetically pleasing LED display patterns.  You can customise these to your liking.

Saving the planet

One item at a time

It's far more efficient to reuse things than it is to buy new.  Every item we product is made using something old that has been re-purposed and recycled.  Household and industrial items that were manufactured in the 20th Century are of far superior manufacturing quality, and, are often far more aesthetically pleasing to look at and touch, and so make the ideal donor items for our RetroElectro creations.

Our mission is to produce intriguing, aesthetically pleasing lighting and other electronic creations by upcycling & converting vintage items, promoting the rich history of our past whilst supporting as much recycling of materials as practically possible. 

Our core values are: recycling, upcycling, honesty, integrity, community, collaboration, fun


Wi-Fi Enabled

Easy to use Configuration

Wi-Fi connectivity is the norm these days, so we have made most of our items to include Wi-Fi connectivity.  This easy to use technology makes it simple to connect to our light displays, and, once connected, it is easy to change the settings to configure the exact lighting display that suits you and your environment.

Unique Numbered Editions

Preserving & enhancing value

Each creation is allocated a Unique Limited Edition Serial Number. This is shown on the rear (or the bottom) of the item and provides authentication, traceability and enhances the collectability, uniqueness and ultimately the value of each creation.  Future owners can easily reference the exact heritage of each item as we will ensure this website always details each creation we have released into public ownership.  Some items will be retained by us, whilst others will be donated to various institutions for public showing and display.  In all cases each creation is allocated its own unique number.


Why buy a RetroElectro Creation

Creatively Crafted

* A unique piece of last century’s rich history of quality manufacturing.  things were well made and made to last!  

* Our conversions give them a new lease of life and make these vintage items antiques of the future. indeed many are approach antique status already.

Check out our different ranges

Something for everyone

We have produced several different ranges of items, fires, heat lamps, toasters, tube heaters, etc.  Please also check out our latest products for sale in our Store

range pic 1.png

Belling Handy Heater - LED LAMP

Cool heat

I remember we had one of these Belling Handy heaters in our home when I was a child, and, when I saw one for sale a few months ago, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it.  The space-age shape and the peppering of holes lends itself perfectly to lighting.

1960's & 1970's Infrared heat lamps

Space age designs

Companies like Philips and Pifco introduced Infra red and Ultra violet health lamps in the 1950's, and these were very popular throughout the 1960's and 1970's and continue to be sold even today.  We have chosen the most iconic designs from the 60's and 70's on which to base our LED light displays.


Belling Enamelled Cast Iron Fires

Re-thinking the classic fire

Electric Fires were once commonplace in UK homes, in the time period between the mass introduction of Electricity into UK homes and the popularity of central heating.

We have turned these lovely looking items into amazing Lighting displays, one option is to display a simulated real coal effect fire!

Space Invader Fire LED Light

Where it all started

This was the very first Retro-Electro Design.   I saw this old electric fire for sale on eBay, and it just sparked my imagination, it reminded me of the old 1970's Taito Space Invaders Arcade Game, the shape of the fire is similar to a "Space Invader" sprite.  I set out on a journey to turn this into a retro Fire effect, but using LED lights instead of the original heating element - that got very hot and dangerous......


Classic Pinballs

Restore, maintain, play

We are passionate about Pinball and enjoy restoring machines to their former glory, either for our own collection, or for other clients.   We have also built up a good stock of hard to find spare parts.

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