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About Us

Passionate about the Past, Forging a new Future

Alan's Story:

I've always been interested in recycling and up-cycling. As a kid back in the 1970's my favourite place to hang out was the local council tip-yard. This was a yard a couple of streets away from my house that the council used to place two skips in and these were filled with household junk by the public. I used to recover anything of interest, old radios, TV's, record players, tape recorders, etc.  I fixed them up and from this I learnt electronics and how to repair things.  I also learnt how to make new things out of old discarded items.  Remember this was to 1970's - so the terms recycling and upcycling hadn't even been invented yet!

I went on to have a successful career in the IT industry, initially as a software programmer, and ending up a Company Director, owning & running my own Software House. 

After retiring in 2016 and having some much needed rest time for a couple of years, in 2018 I started tinkering with two things from my past: Electronics and software programming.  I also came across a number of fabulous electrical items from the mid 20th Century: an old belling fire, a Hotpoint toaster and an old belling handy heater.  I immediately saw the opportunity to make something new using my skills and hence RetroElectro Designs was born.  

I am now happily busy sourcing vintage items and turning them into intriguing and pleasing lighting displays.  One of my key aims is to use as many recycled and upcycled parts and components as I can. 

Clare's Story:

I share Alan's enthusiasm for recycling and upcycling and I'm determined to help do my little bit to save the planet by helping to source and re-purpose these wonderful items into creations of function and beauty that will be good to last another 100 years or so. 

I recently retired after a long career as a Midwife and I have been looking forward to putting effort into RetroElectro to help it grow and succeed. And, for me personally to grow by learning new skills. I have an interest in photography, so I do all the creative work for this website, the videos and pictures etc.  I'm learning all about website creation and maintenance as well as marketing and sales skills. 

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