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Wi-Fi Enabled

Easy to use Configuration

Wi-Fi connectivity is the norm these days, so we have made most of our items to include Wi-Fi connectivity.  This easy to use technology makes it simple to connect to our light displays, and, once connected, it is easy to change the settings to configure the exact lighting display that suits you and your environment.

Wifi Connectivity

Configuration Options


Wifi Connection

Connecting to your RetroElectro device is easy - initially you will connect direct to the device using your mobile phone or tablet and connect to the Wifi Access Point that the device creates - default is called "RetroElectroXXX", where XXX is a number.  Once connected you ccan then in turn link the device onto your home Wifi network. (This is an optional step, and the device doesn't need to be connected to Wifi to function - however, for our devices that also contain a clock, it is recommended, so that the device can pick up the correct time periodically from the Internet - Again this is not needed as each clock contains a backup battery to 'remember' the time when the power is disconneected from the device).



The RetroElectro device can be configured to control the order of the LED display patterns it displays.  When you receive your device from us it will be pre-configured, so it will operate as soon as you plug it in.  However, you may want to change the patterns, colours, speed, brightness etc., and the configuration panel is where you do this.


More Information

We have produced a full pdf guide book the help you set-up and configure your RetroElectro Device.

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