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Why buy a RetroElectro Creation

* A unique piece of last century’s rich history of quality manufacturing.  things were well made and made to last!

* Our conversions give them a new lease of life and make these vintage items antiques of the future. indeed many are approach antique status already.

* Dwindling supply of original donor items guarantees a built in rarity value that will only increase.

* Configurable.  set it to fit in with you surroundings and more importantly your personality.

* A chance to acquire a bespoke artistic creation.

* Wi-fi enabled. sits on your network and is easier to connect to. No need to download and install a separate app. just connect over wifi and the item talks directly to you phone, tablet, laptop or pc.

* Unique Led patterns and colour combinations that are more functional than off the shelf led products on the market. 

* Limited Edition - each piece is uniquely numbered, with it's own RetroElectro serial number.

* By owning a piece of social history, you are preserving our rich heritage.

* Full warranty and repair services.

* Lifetime support.  Periodic software updates with new patterns and choices, these are easy to download and update to each RetroElectro device.  

* Good investment.  The increasing rarity of donor items combined with our limited production runs guarantees exclusivity and, as demand increases the prices will too, thus making a RetroElectro Creation a great investment.

Why buy a RetroElectro Creation: About
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